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> 1 Portal Site With Osrs Gold, 1 portal site with Osrs gold
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If you'd like construction for a good rewarding cosmetic QoL skill to build a fantastic house with,you want banking,proper decoration screen,the present portal need a tune up,or it may be a miniature world gate concept:1 portal site with Osrs gold unlocked teleported locations added to it by charging it.Aka all spellbook teleports available should you pay the price to charge it just like it now is.Training the skill with high EXP rates outside your home the proper manner,and then you build the actual home parts after you are the ideal evel.

Priffdinas,Dwarven,Holiday,All of the Gods,All the Biomes(Daemonheim,Desert,Freminik, etc).That is much more of an expansion to the already in place walls and floor option.Personally I'd be 100 percent with Construction being a cash sink with little to no practical use in the game.The house itself can do with functionality.Like,we can't even lay on our beds or sit in our chairs.

Let's move the furniture round and create a home.If we are given the option at least to be liberated and enjoy it as a home then I think that are a happy medium.You have ta give it usage or functionality because as it stands it's a waste of money and I just leveled it to get to Prif.(TLDRI believe Higgs was focusing on modifications that turn the Buy Runescape gold homes into more of an RP concentrated area rather than a support facility.

And something more such as a Player Owned Barracks or base camp might be a good alternate in order to add support functionality.)
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