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> Introduction - Canadian R1a1a1, Newbie - R1a1a1 (M417)
сообщение 13.8.2011, 20:56
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Группа:  Y - ???
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Из: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Страница в ЖЖ:www.sommerfeld.ca

Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and to DNA research. I have had a 111 marker test completed via Family Tree DNA. I am a R1a1a1 (M417) currently living in Canada. My family originates (circa 1750) from what is today called Tujsk, Poland. When my family was there it was West Prussia. My most distant ancestor was a foundling who was named after the location where he was discovered by a local fisherman. My ancestors emigrated to Ukraine before coming to Canada in 1912. I am excited about this research and happy to have found this forum. My wife is Russian and is currently working in Moscow. Grant
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сообщение 14.8.2011, 3:41
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Группа: R1a, Академики
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Welcome Grant. Since you did not address any questions, it can be taken as you figured out with your haplotype and haplogroup whatever you wanted to know. It is good. rolleyes.gif

Y-DNA: R1a-Z283
mt-DNA: H

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сообщение 14.8.2011, 6:25
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Группа: R1a, Академики
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Hi, Grant. Welcome to our forum. I hope you can find many interesting things here. Probably you already know about the GoogleMaps project devoted to various branches of R1a1. You can find yourself on the map of the Northern European Branch. It seems that your ancestors lived in what is now Pomerania/Pommern/Pomorje at least for the last 2500 years, long before it became a part of Poland and Germany. More distant history of your lineage is still rather obscure. Northern European Branch is quite rare among Eastern Slavs, so you can find very few its members among our forum's participants. The only active one is Czech national who has a paper track from Wesfalien in Germany.

Y-DNA: R1a M458>Y2604>CTS11962>L1029>FGC66323>YP1703>YP6189>BY35612
mt-DNA: U3a2a (16343G, 16390A, 16519C, 73G, 150T, 200G, 263G, 315.1C)
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