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> Гаплогруппа I2 (результаты палео-днк)
сообщение 26.4.2013, 18:43
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Цитата(Lawrence Mayka)
For many years-and despite enormous sums spent on WTYs etc.-the I2a-Dinaric
clade common in Central-Eastern Europe has been very resistant to SNP
definition and partition. Not a single SNP was found to split the clade,
and the only SNP to define the clade was L147, which occurs in multiple
other haplogroups and hence is not sufficiently "unique" for the FTDNA

But finally, Geno 2.0 results have identified two SNPs that split Dinaric,
and three more that define it. All five are now available for order from

CTS10228 and CTS5966 were ancestral in one south-central Polish Dinaric, but
derived in about seven other Dinarics across Central-Eastern Europe.

CTS10936, CTS11768, and CTS4002 were derived in all eight Dinarics, but
ancestral in the nearest related clade (Disles).

The one Dinaric that tested negative for CTS10228 and CTS5966 has ordered
Y-DNA67, but no marker results have arrived yet.

Y-DNA: R1a>Z283>Z280>CTS1211>YP1019>YP1033+ BY27605+ Central-Eurasian-2, R1a1a1b1a2b
mt-DNA: H
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