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> Гаплогруппа N1*
сообщение 13.8.2012, 10:15
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Группа: R1a, Магистры
Сообщений: 2622
Регистрация: 4.10.2009
Из: Москва
Пользователь №: 2401

SNP results so far suggest that European N1* divides into two clades:

- L732 was found in the WTY of kit N25315, and 224763 has also tested L732+
. 217892 is then almost certainly L732+ also. All three have ancestry from
the Poland-Belarus region. A Korean near-match (distance 4 on 25 markers) is
also probably L732+ but has not responded to emails.

- P189.2 was found in the 23andMe results of kit N14100, and 144471 has also
tested P189+ . N84884, 176094, and 127574 are then almost certainly P189+ ,
and probably N15634 as well. Even Ysearch 9C49E may be P189+ . Ancestries
include Italy, Slovakia, and the Balkans. No potential Asian source
population for this clade has been identified.

In order to add these to the haplotree, we must show them to be disjoint
from (mutually exclusive of) N1c, N1b, and N1a. WTYs have shown N1c to be
L732- and P189- , and N1b to be P189- . We need an N1b to test L732, and an
N1a to test both L732 and P189.


Y-DNA: R1a>Z283>Z280>CTS1211>YP1019>YP1033+ BY27605+ Central-Eurasian-2, R1a1a1b1a2b
mt-DNA: H
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