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> Introducing Myself, An R1a1 from the western isles
Roy Farnol
сообщение 25.1.2011, 3:35
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Группа:  R1a
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I am Roy, born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, now dwelling in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.

My signature gives my R1a1 credentials, at least up to 37 markers.

I have no particularly close matches as far as Y-DNA is concerned but I do have 204 "cousins" thrown up by autosomal SNPs 5 of which may be close enough to find backup documentary proof.
Not a few of the more distant matches have Russian names.

My most prolific matching in Y-DNA is seeming to point more and more towards Norwegian Vikings in Scotland although my documentable family history is almost exclusively limited to the English county of Yorkshire.

I would like to pose a first question on R1a1 DNA as follows:-

One set of names that represents my best (but not wonderful) matches so far is Baird, Beard, Bard and Orr. They all mismatch with me at the DYSes 460, H4, 576 and CDYb and I wondered whether I could take anything from that to point me towards a closer match?

R1 = M173, R1a = SRY 10831.2, R1a1a = M198.
M157- M198+ M56- M64.2- P98- PK5-
Y-Search = Q7KYE FTDNA Kit No. = 174455 "Young Scandinavian"
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