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> Дерево J2a Было Фактически Неправильным
сообщение 1.6.2011, 12:13
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Добрый день, коллеги. Сегодня получил приятную (по крайней мере для меня) информацию: в двух словах для того у кого нелады с английским- дерево J2a было фактически неправильным,
"From: Bonnie Schrack <bschrack1@comcast.net>
Subject: [DNA] Changes to J tree (was Re: L559)
Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 09:42:50 -0400
Thomas [Krahn] wrote to us:
> Check out the WTY results for kit 177694 ... you'll see ...
> There are more changes to the J2 tree ...
Yes, time to get off hap. A for a bit and talk about J. We have a real change to the J tree, not as huge as the one in A, but still interesting.

We just have had new WTY results for Kit 177694 -- though there seems to be a bug in downloading the results from the personal page -- and data on the finch server shows that at long last, we've found an M340+ person.

This SNP appeared years ago with the Sengupta paper on India, in which they found it the exception to the rule that most M410+ samples had DYS413 smaller or equal to 18. When we eventually found SNPs L26 and L27, which correspond (so far in all cases) to the deletion at DYS413, we put M340 upstream of them, even though we didn't have a project member to test. Thomas may have had a positive control sample, I don't know.

But for all these years, we never found anyone who was M340+, though Whit [Athey] kept hoping that we would. In the meantime, P279 was found, and gradually a structure within M410(xL26, L27) has become clear, to which we can now add another downstream level:

* Cluster 1 and its many branches
* Cluster A on the same level as 1 (weird, I know it should be cluster 2, but it just developed that way)
o A1 has a deletion at DYS447 to 20 or less (I know this happens in other clades too, but here it's informative)
- (the former J2a3) P279+ in a subset of those samples
# M340 in some P279+ samples
o A2 is related but without the deletion at 447

Kit 177694, an Armenian project member already known to be P279+, has WTY results showing that he is also M340+. Other P279+ samples previously tested were not M340+, letting us know that M340 is downstream of P279.

Now, this necessitates a revamping of the J2 tree. M340 was formerly J2a2, with P279 as J2a3, and L26, L27 as J2a4. Now, M340 has to be moved downstream a level, so P279 moves up the tree to take its place as J2a2, which makes L26 and L27 into J2a3. Sorry, everyone, your subclade labels are about to change! That is, J2a4b will become J2a3b, and J2a4h2 will become J2a3h2.

It will take a little while for me to manually change over all the haplogroup labels in the project, and it will take ISOGG at least a couple of days (I have no idea how busy Alice may be at this time) to change the ISOGG tree, but this is clearly what has to happen. Of course, if anyone has any suggestions or critiques of this, by all means, I'm sure you'll let me know.

In kit 177694, two entirely new SNPs were found, L581 and L582. So they are somewhere downstream of M340 (or at the very least, equivalent to it).

Also I should mention that L559 was positive in kit 177694, so we now know it's equivalent to M410, along with L152 and L212.

I also learned a few days ago that kit 155891, a member of Cluster 1, is positive for L505, which isn't on the draft tree. So L505 goes at least as high on the tree as M410, rather than being equivalent to L26. M410 is accumulating a lot of equivalent SNPs, more than M172 or L26.

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