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> An Ancient Mediterranean Melting Pot: Investigating The Uniparental Genetic Structure And Population History Of Sicily And Southern Italy
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Haplogroups G-P15 (12.3%), E-V13 and J-M410* (both 9.5%), together with R-M269* (7.4%) represent the most frequent lineages found in Sicily and Southern Italy (SSI).

As for TMRCA estimates, STR variation within the most frequent haplogroups of SSI suggests that most of them (with the exception of haplogroup G2a-P15: 9339±3302 YBP) date back to relatively recent times., in some cases falling into time periods compatible with specific documented historical events occurred in SSI. Despite the fact that these time estimates must be taken with caution, as they might be affected by the choice of both STRs markers and their mutation rates, overall our results agree in suggesting that most of the Y-chromosomal diversity in modern day Southern Italians originated during late Neolithic and Post-Neolithic times (~2,300 YBP for E-V13; from ~3,200 to ~3,700 YBP for J sub-lineages; ~4,300 YBP for R-M17 and R-P312; and ~2,000 YBP for R-U106 and R-U152).

the estimated age for Sicilian and Southern-Italian J1 haplotypes refers to the end of the Bronze Age (3261±1345 YBP), thus suggesting more ancient contributions from the East.

Previous Y-chromosome genetic studies on the Phoenician colonization demonstrated that haplogroup J2 in general, and six haplotypes in particular (PCS1+ through PCS6+), may potentially have represented lineages linked with the spread of the Phoenicians (”Phoenician Colonization Signal”) into the Mediterranean [51]. At this respect, it is worth noting the presence of 4 PCS+ haplotypes (namely PCS1+, PCS2+, PCS4+, PCS5+; [51]) in 9 samples of our Sicilian and Southern Italian dataset, particularly belonging to haplogroups J1-M267 (n = 2), J2-M410* (n = 1), J2-M67 (n = 5), and J2-M12 (n = 2). However, sub-lineages of haplogroup J2 have been also associated with the Neolithic colonization of mainland Greece, Crete and Southern Italy [52], and our TMRCA estimates for J2-subhaplogroups (ranging from 3271±1157 YBP to 3767±1332 YBP) cannot exclude an earlier arrival of at least some of the J2 chromosomes in Sicily and Southern-Italy during Neolithic times.

Y-chromosome haplogroup G2a-P15 turn out to be of particular interest in the paternal genetic make-up of Sicily and Southern Italy. Its older age estimate (9339±3302 YBP) – if compared to those of other haplogroups – along with its significantly over-represented frequency in SSI, are consistent with the hypothesis recently suggested by Boattini et al. (2013) [12] according to whom this lineage could be a possible candidate for a pre-Neolithic ancestry in Italy. However the CIs of our time estimate cannot exclude alternative hypotheses such as a diffusion of its major sub-clades during Neolithic and Post-Neolithic times, as recently discussed by Rootsi et al. 2012

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Апакидзе 258948 - G2a-Z6692
Ахвледиани E10625-J2a-Y26651
Гиоргобиани 553029 - G2a-Z6653
Кецбая 303286 - G2a-FGC5081
Мамисашвили 347281 - G2a-FGC2315
Какубава 358622 - J2a-Y26651
Дашниани 392381 - J1a-CTS1460
Колбая BP16253 - J2a-Y26651

Y-DNA: J2a*.DYS434=7.M410+, M172+, L505+, L212+, L152+, L532+,, L559+, Z6049+, Z6048-, M92-, M67-, M340-, M289-, L581-, L27-, L26-, L25-, L24-
mt-DNA: X2e2a

Отец mt-DNA: U2e1a1
Дед (с отцовской стороны)mt-DNA: H*
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