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> R1a-fgc10232 (y5992) = Wusun Or Alans?
сообщение 25.7.2019, 10:07
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Группа: R1a, Магистры
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Из: Bashkortostan
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My colleague from Spain, a relative of the Bashkir from R1a-FGC10232 (Y5992) clade, believes that he and his relatives from Bashkiria are Alans. He gives the following arguments.


So, maybe the Wusun line is this Y874 and not Y7094 as previously suggested. In fact, based on the latest samples added to subclade Y7094, it would appear that Y7094 would be descendents from Alans. Subclade Y7094 is currently composed of samples mainly from Russia (Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and Cheliabinsk), (north of) Spain, (south of) Portugal, and Qatar and United Arab Emirates.

The Alans where an Iranian tribe that entered the Iberian Peninsula in the V century with Vandals and Suebi tribes. Those that stayed with the Suebi established in the north of Spain (Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria), where they would remain isolated there after the Islamic invasion in the VIII century. That would justify the north of Spain sample (mine). The rest of Alans were pushed south where they established for some time. That would justify the south of Portugal sample. They would be finally expelled from the Iberian peninsula by the Visigoths and they would establish the Vandal and Alan Kingdom in the north of Africa, from which some may have ended up back to Arabia. That would justify the Qatar and UAE samples. Note that, most interestingly, the Portuguese and Qatari samples belong to the same subclade (Y65922).

In addition, even though this is not reflexted in Ytree, I got recently a subclade match (Y5992+) with a sample from Poland and we are now both classified in FamilyTreeDNA as subclade KMS45. So, we have now two samples from Poland and Spain connected under subclade KMS45, providing further evidence for a possible Alan descend.

It would be nice if you could please discuss these new findings among your peers. Your comments/conclusions would be most welcome.

The end of the quote.

And I think that our colleague from Spain, if we take in ethnic terms, is Wusun.

Here are my counterarguments.

The point is this. Alans at a later stage is a union of tribes.

The Alans themselves are part of the originally Assuen tribes of the Aral Sea region. Alans stood out among them, and then different tribes named themselves who by Alans - all the tribes they had conquered. This was written by Ammianus Marcellinus, the ancient historian.

If you take specifically your tribal clan, then you undoubtedly Wusun. But, when your ancestors reached Spain, they were already called Alans.

Your relatives from Bashkiria belong to the Wusun clan (the descendants of Wusun Mayki-biy). having stayed in the Urals, the Bashkir Wusuns remained Wusun, and yours miggratedgone to the west were already known as Alans.

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Y-DNA: R1a.Z2123. Y2632+, SUR51+
mt-DNA: H
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