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> For Alistair
сообщение 26.1.2011, 18:40
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Hello, dear Alistair!
Excuse that I answer you in an open forum.
We very much appreciate your interest and the will to win smile.gif

We have received yours letters, have answered them, but it was not possible to send, as their post server couldn't deliver, just in case check up your e-mail, please. (http://postmaster.info.aol.com/errors/421hvub2.html )

With pleasure we will answer your questions about R1a. That is to find the place of your family on Phylogenetic Tree of R1a is needs 67 markers.
Tell, please, about youself, about your family(In personal correspondence)?
Manager of www.r1a.org www.rodstvo.ru Milana.

mtDNA "C"
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