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> Как Внести Ваши Данные По Мтднк В Genbank, Submitting a Complete Sequence (FGS) to GenBank
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GenBank находится по адресу http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ и Вы, возможно, предпочтёте самостоятельно внести свои данные.

Для других есть более простой путь, с помощью Ian Logan. http://www.ianlogan.co.uk/

Как внести данные:
This is really quite easy - so please do not think it is too difficult for you.

Either follow the instructions on this page, or use my new 'D-I-Y submission making program'

For an example of a GenBank page, click on this accession number HM045846.
Step 1. Have your mtDNA fully sequenced. (By using the FGS, or Mega, test.)
Step 2. Find the report that shows your mutations
Step 3. Use 'Cut & Paste' to put a copy of your results in an email to me.(ianlogan22@btinternet.com)
Make sure you include the suggested Haplogroup, and the mutations from the HVR2, Coding Region, and HVR1 areas.
(The latest revision of the personal page makes cutting and pasting a little more difficult than before.)
(But it can be done 'line by line'.)
Step 4. Also in the email say:
- Please prepare a submission file from the attached results
- Advise me if you want your name to appear on the GenBank page, normally I will omit it
- Give a racial grouping, if you wish it to appear, e.g. English, Armenian, etc.
- Give a place of origin (birthplace), if you wish it to appear, e.g. USA, Kiev, etc.
Please note that GenBank will only accept a submission from the actual person.
So you cannot send a submission on behalf of someone other than yourself.
Step 5. Attach a copy of the FASTA file from your FTDNA page
- It is helpful as it allows me to check the mutations.
I can manage without the FASTA file but sending it decreases the risk of error.
To find your FASTA file:-
a. Go to your FTDNA personal page and on the left column under "mtDNA" click "Print certificate / Report Data"
b. On the resulting "Download files" page under "mtDNA Results" click "FASTA File"
c. Download your FASTA file to your computer, making sure you know in which Directory you have SAVED the file.
(for computers using Window click "OK" button in box that appears)
d. Attach copy of FASTA file to email. Step 6. Send me the email.
Step 6. Wait until I send back 'your submission file' (.sqn) - usually within 48 hours.
Step 7. Prepare an email to Dr. Susan Schafer at GenBank.(gb-admin@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)
- attach the submission file (.sqn)
- say the sequence is a full mtDNA sequence
- say the sequence is your own
- say if you are having your name on the submission
- give your FTDNA Kit number (this is helpful to avoid the duplication of submissions)
- say "For reference purposes my FTDNA Kit number is 'xxxxx', but this number is not for publication" (or if you wish, say "My FTDNA Kit number is 'xxxxx', please add this number to my submission"
Step 8. Send the email
Step 9. Wait for notification that your submission has been accepted and note the accession number and publication date.
Step 10. From the publication date your entry will be available on GenBank.

Ian Logan 2011

Y-DNA: R1a>Z283>Z280>CTS1211>YP1019>YP1033+ BY27605+ Central-Eurasian-2, R1a1a1b1a2b
mt-DNA: H
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