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Rodstvo.ru _ Лингвистика _ The Aion Classic Returns With A High Profile.

Автор: Melany 30.6.2021, 9:25

A post on the official Aion forum stated that Aion Classic character creation is allowed. Time will start at 9 AM Pacific Standard Time. This is very exciting for players who have been waiting for a long time. If you have chosen a good name for your Aion Classic character, you can lock it soon. To shorten the mission time, players can directly choose Buy https://www.mmoso.com/Aion-classic_Kinah. You can also start to create your character, and with all the available options, you may make the character more perfect before the official game.

Players who have not chosen a title, or players who may not have figured out what career they are going to play, and the release date of the Aion. If you still want to decide and get a role in the founder package. A perfect character is inseparable from the player's choice of https://www.mmoso.com/Aion-classic_Kinah. First, go directly to the official website, create a merchant account, and click download. You should get the option to download Classic in the launcher.

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