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> The Aion Classic Returns With A High Profile.
сообщение 30.6.2021, 9:25
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A post on the official Aion forum stated that Aion Classic character creation is allowed. Time will start at 9 AM Pacific Standard Time. This is very exciting for players who have been waiting for a long time. If you have chosen a good name for your Aion Classic character, you can lock it soon. To shorten the mission time, players can directly choose Buy Aion Classic Gold. You can also start to create your character, and with all the available options, you may make the character more perfect before the official game.

Players who have not chosen a title, or players who may not have figured out what career they are going to play, and the release date of the Aion. If you still want to decide and get a role in the founder package. A perfect character is inseparable from the player's choice of Buy Aion Classic Gold. First, go directly to the official website, create a merchant account, and click download. You should get the option to download Classic in the launcher.
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